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Because productivity starts with the tools we use.❤️️

If this is your first time, please use DayCaptain on a computer with a regular keyboard, such as a laptop.
Mobile devices are supported, but we want you to get the full experience first.
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We need an organized and focused mind to deliver our best work.

By combining task list and calendar, DayCaptain allows us to craft powerful daily plans within minutes each day.

What our users say ...

“The combination of task list and calendar and it’s keyboard concept makes it the perfect tool that I have been searching for.”

- Eddie B., Software Engineer

“I have been using Todoist for 2 years but DayCaptain seems to be worth switching.”

- A happy user, Software Developer

“I love the clean and simple user interface and the keyboard usage, which makes it feel extremely productive in using.”

- Claas Brüß, Data Scientist

What our users ask ...

Why should I choose DayCaptain over other time planning apps?

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DayCaptain aims to offer the fastest user experience you can find for planning your day. DayCaptain wants to help you make the most of your time — this begins with the planning itself.

  • It is based on a carefully crafted and powerful keyboard concept, so that you are efficient using it.
  • It has a distraction-free and clean UI to let you focus on the really important things.
  • It provides instant feedback, so that you don't have to wait.

How much does DayCaptain cost?

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That is up to you. You should use the product and not be the product, and we treat your data as we would like ours to be treated, which is why we charge you for using DayCaptain. You can subscribe by a monthly fee, however you can choose the amount you want to pay each month, how much you think is fair for the value provided.

As a suggestion, you can pay for one hour in your hourly rate. Actually, we're sure that using DayCaptain can save you much more than just one hour. The minimum monthly amount is 10 EUR / 12 USD.

Is there a free trial period?

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Yes, you can use DayCaptain with all its features free of charge over a period of 14 days after your first sign-up. If you want to continue using DayCaptain after that period, you need to activate your subscription.

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Prefer watching a video?

DayCaptain's Principles

Explore the principles behind DayCaptain.

DayCaptain Demo

Watch the 1-minute demo video to see what DayCaptain can do for you. It's magic.🪄

Why we created DayCaptain

We created DayCaptain to be our daily supporter in achieving our goals and living balanced lives.

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The story behind “us” ...

Hello 👋 and thanks for visiting DayCaptain's website.

Originally, almost 6 years ago, we started-off the project to develop a tool that would really serve our needs. We are software developers and are obsessed with working efficiently with our computers. We also started to study productivity tools which would help us to set ourselves up daily to achieve our goals, and at first we've created the tool to serve our needs.

However, as we showed DayCaptain to friends and colleagues, they began to ask if they could use it as well. That's why we decided to quit our jobs to dive into a journey of undiscovered land. We set out to create a company around it with the purpose to help people on their paths to a fulfilled and stress-free life.