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Personal time & task management — at the speed of your thoughts.

Please use Google Chrome for the time being. We want to support all browsers soon, but we're not quite there yet. If this is your first time, please use DayCaptain on a computer with a regular keyboard, such as a laptop.
Mobile devices are supported, but we want you to get the full experience first.
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DayCaptain helps us to spend our time doing the things that are important to us.

Why DayCaptain?

There are tons of task and time management apps out there, but in our eyes they lack two things:

  • A fast and efficient usability, that doesn't feel like a burden
  • A proper combination of todos and calendar entries, that follows our priorities and allows to reserve time for what's important.

We developed DayCaptain for ourselves, since we weren't happy with what was out there.

What is DayCaptain?

DayCaptain is a personal time & task management tool, that offers a clean, distraction-free user experience, enhanced by a powerful keyboard concept. It combines your calendar and tasks, let's you plan and review your days and weeks, and guides you through a productive day.

Let us tell you about the principles behind DayCaptain and its features:

DayCaptain is built around powerful principles.

Prefer watching a video? Here you go:

See below, how DayCaptain implements these principles.

Prioritize tasks and the time you spend on them.

Your time is limited. Face it – you won't get everything done. Every day you should ask yourself: What are the important things that are worth my time?

DayCaptain helps you exactly with this, by planning your day based on your priorities.

Plan your day

Own your day – and your time.

Deliberately assign time slots to work on high value tasks.

It's crucial to make time for the tasks that actually add value – otherwise your calendar will be filled up with the random stuff coming by.

Assign time slots

Start with a blank page.

Deliberately fill your task list and calendar by deciding what's worth adding.

We don't want to keep dragging along todo lists with 10+ entries, that overwhelm us already when we look at them.

Start from blank page

Review what works for you.

Take a minute before you move on. How was the last week for you? What did you achieve?

Reviewing what you achieved gives you certainty whether you're on the right track. It gives you a reality check when you feel you're not making any progress.

With DayCaptain you can go back to any point in time to see how and what you did.

Review your week

Use it as fast as you can think.

We want you to spend as little time as possible on the tool.

DayCaptain is built around an extremely efficient keyboard concept and instant feedback. There'll be a learning curve in the beginning but we promise: it pays off.

We challenge you to take control of your time.

Powerful keyboard concept