DayCaptain's Features

Gif showing keyboard usability concept

Keyboard usability concept

Tell DayCaptain your plans through its powerful keyboard usability concept. It's designed to make you most productive.

Task lists

Manage a task list for every day

Manage a task list for every day. Prioritize your tasks by importance and assign planned times.

Todos and calendar

Your task list and calendar side-by-side

Assign time slots in your day to your tasks - so you always know when to do the important stuff.

DayCaptain as your daily guide

Your daily guide

Use DayCaptain to guide you through your day. Enjoy the calming feeling of always knowing what to do next.

Statistics for the day

Statistics overview

Get a feeling of how your day or week went with one sight at the statistical overview of how you spent your time.

Use DayCaptain on mobile devices

Use on Mobile

Use DayCaptain on your mobile device as guide for your day.

Day planning process

Guided day planning process

Follow a practically-proven day planning process to do your daily planning.

Week planning process

Guided week planning process

Follow a practically-proven week planning process to make sure you don't miss out on anything next week.

Organize your todos with DayCaptain

Organize all your tasks and todos in Backlogs

Keep all your tasks, todos and ideas organized in Backlog-lists so that you have your head free for important things.

Import your calendar into DayCaptain

Import your Google or Outlook Calendar

Don't waste time creating your externally created events. Import your Google or Outlook Calendar automatically into DayCaptain.

Clean and simplistic user interface

Clean, distraction-free UI

DayCaptain wants you to work distraction free. It offers a clean and simplistic UI to let you focus on the important things.

Only see what's relevant to you right now


Only see what's important for you at any time of the day. Don't get your brain distracted by enabling filters on your views.

Get instant feedback

Fast response times

Get instant feedback on your actions. DayCaptain should support you, not let you wait.

Use the api from your command line

REST API for developers

Use the DayCaptain REST API to build powerful custom tools or extensions to manage your tasks and time.