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How to plan for a successful day

After we learned why planning is crucially important for our success and well-being, I'm going to demonstrate how I do my planning routine. I use DayCaptain as tool, because it has been developed for supporting exactly this kind of process. However, you can adopt this process to any other tool as well (but I promise: you won't get close to being as fast as with DayCaptain).

Warning: when you become mindful of your breaks and how you spend your time, this might conflict with your “I'm a heavy hustler and crunch 14 office hours a day”-attitude. The goal is not anymore to keep you feeling busy while wasting time, but to make the most of your hours.

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Why personal planning unlocks your success

In this post I describe situations that I have gone through dozens of times, before I identified recurring patterns. I realized for myself that when I actually have time to work on my things, I regularly end up in a state of procrastination and feeling not productive at all. Even though I knew I was wasting a lot of time at work, I used to tell anyone and especially myself that I don't have enough time for all the fun things I would like to do.

In this post, I want to describe behavior patterns I observed from myself, and the supposed reasons for them. I draw one conclusion from them: Set yourself up for success by having a definite action plan.

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Video: The keyboard concept

Lean how we utilize the keyboard in DayCaptain to provide you with a magical user experience:

Video: Plan your day

Learn how to plan your day for your peace of mind in just five minutes:

Video: Organizing your day with areas

Lean how you can utilize a powerful feature in DayCaptain to organize your tasks in life areas: