Frequently Asked Questions

Value & features

What is DayCaptain and why should I care?

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DayCaptain is a personal time planning tool which is built around a powerful keyboard concept so that you can use it extremely fast, almost like magic 🪄.

DayCaptain is a tool built for people who seek to plan their weeks and days to make the most of their time. It is based on a principle called time-boxing, which means to assign actual time boxes in your day to the tasks you want to work on. By doing this, we avoid putting too many things in our day and feeling overwhelmed or unproductive as a result. It ensures that we have time available for our really valuable tasks. Furthermore, it limits the time we spend on each of the tasks to prevent over-working on one of them, which would otherwise result in an unbalanced, stressful life.

Once we have done the planning, we use DayCaptain to guide us through our day. The result is a calming feeling of confidence when we have certainty that we are on the right track and do not have to make decisions about what to do next.

DayCaptain also serves as a source of evidence what we have achieved. We tend to forget what we have achieved in a week or even a day. DayCaptain always remembers us about our achievements.

Why did you create yet another task management app?

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We created DayCaptain as a tool for ourselves as we could not find any solution that could meet our needs. DayCaptain is based on two key aspects that make it so powerful:

  1. A Fast and efficient usability concept

    We built the tool with the ultimate goal in mind that you can use it as fast as you can think. For us, it is very important to spend the least time possible on overhead of an activity, like telling the computer our thoughts. That's why we developed a powerful keyboard concept: It enables you to craft your plans with some keystrokes on your keyboard without even moving your hand.

  2. Combining todo lists and calendars

    We strongly believe in the concept of time-boxing. It means to assign actual time in our day to our tasks. Without this assignment, all todos remain just ideas or wishes. If we do not make time in our day for them, we probably won't finish them. This approach forces us prioritize and make deliberate decisions about what to work on today.

Watch the full video on this here.

What features does DayCaptain offer?

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You can find all DayCaptain features on our features page.

Why do we recommended to use DayCaptain used with a keyboard?

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Once you start using DayCaptain's keyboard concept you will realize that you can get extremely fast. Usually, for most software tools, the communication between our brain and the computer is less than optimal and represents a bottleneck, in how fast we can get our thoughts across. Communicating our thoughts and intention to the computer is too slow, and hinders our flow.

DayCaptain seeks to optimize this interaction with its carefully crafted keyboard concept. It might feel bumpy and clumsy in the beginning — but once you are used to it, you feel like you received superpowers. 🦸‍♀️

The keyboard concept enables every single action within DayCaptain to be triggered by a key on your keyboard. All keys are easily accessible through the home row of you keyboard — so you don't have to move your hand around. Most actions have simple, mnemonic keys assigned. For example: Pressing T focuses the task list.

Therefore, planning your day becomes like playing a computer game. 🎮

DayCaptain's purpose is to help you spend your time efficiently — in general, and especially while using it.

Why should I choose DayCaptain over other time planning apps?

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DayCaptain aims to offer the fastest user experience you can find for planning your day. DayCaptain wants to help you make the most of your time — this begins with the planning itself.

  • It is based on a carefully crafted and powerful keyboard concept, so that you are efficient using it.
  • It has a distraction-free and clean UI to let you focus on the really important things.
  • It provides instant feedback, so that you don't have to wait.

How is DayCaptain better than any Notion planning template?

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DayCaptain was built for one purpose only: to help you make your planning as fast as possible. Once you get used to the keyboard usability you will experience its power. We believe: every highly repetitive task (like daily planning) should be optimized in efficiency — that's the value of DayCaptain.

Can I use DayCaptain with my phone?

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You can use DayCaptain on your phone in your browser. There is no native mobile app yet.

DayCaptain is designed to be used mainly on a desktop computer with a proper keyboard — especially, to do your planning. You can, however, open DayCaptain on your phone or tablet to let it guide you through your day and check what you are up to while you are out there.

Account & pricing

How can I create an account?

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There are two options to create your DayCaptain account:

  • Sign-in with your email address: We will create an account for your email and send you a magic-link to login. You do not need to set a password. Any time you want to log in with a new device, you will receive a new link.
  • Sign-in with your Google account: If you choose this option, we will use your Google mail address to identify you. The authentication - and only the authentication will take place on Google sides. No data will be transferred from DayCaptain to Google.

Why do I not need a password?

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If you sign-up via your mail, you will receive a magic link for your initial login. If you follow along, we set a cookie in your browser to recognize you later again. Whenever you want to log in again, go through the same process with the same email to receive a new magic link.

If you choose to use Google for sign-up, the authentication takes place on Google side. The only data we receive from Google is your name and email address to recognize you.

Can I delete my data in case it's not for me?

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If you feel that DayCaptain is not for you, you can delete your user account on the account page. This will delete all your information from our servers and all your data will be gone. We think this is fair to you and your data, but take care, Captain, there is no way to undo this.

How much does DayCaptain cost?

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That is up to you. You should use the product and not be the product, and we treat your data as we would like ours to be treated, which is why we charge you for using DayCaptain. You can subscribe by a monthly fee, however you can choose the amount you want to pay each month, how much you think is fair for the value provided.

As a suggestion, you can pay for one hour in your hourly rate. We believe that you can save yourself many hours each month with productive planning, and that DayCaptain can deliver a lot of value once you start using it regularly. The minimum monthly amount is 10 EUR / 12 USD.

Is there a free trial period?

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Yes, you can use DayCaptain with all its features free of charge over a period of 14 days after your first sign-up. If you want to continue using DayCaptain after that period, you need to activate your subscription.

Data privacy & security

How is my data being used?

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Your data is used only in that way as you would expect from using the product.

We do not give away any of your data to third parties, nor do we analyze it in any particular way. There is only one purpose of DayCaptain: To help you craft personal plans effectively.

We do not make you or your data the product. That's why we need to ask you to pay for the service.

What does Google or Microsoft know about my DayCaptain account?

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If you choose Google or Microsoft as authentication method, none of your DayCaptain data is transferred to them. They only serves as an authentication provider to identify you as you.

Thus, Google or Microsoft only knows that you are using DayCaptain, not more.

If you choose to sync your Google or Outlook Calendars to DayCaptain data is sent to DayCaptain but not the other way.

In case you're concerned about it, you can choose to sign-up solely via your email address.